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This time I created my own code and fit God's Ten Commandments given to Moses onto a NES Screen. The text of which barely fit the screen it's self a single NES screen was almost not enough space.  Also the source code for this is available thanks to 8bitworkshop's Hello World Example, that I heavily modified to make this.. If you are interested in making your own code or games too you should check it out, 8bitworkshop

If you want to put your own text on your Nes Screen you should check my out my Asset Pack Nes Text Example that I just released.

I put a lot of hard work into this and my other projects that are soon to come, so If you would like to donate to my NES Coding Efforts you can do so here

Install instructions

To use the NES Rom you'll need an emulator such as Fceux or Mesen.


The Ten Commandments (by Debiru).nes 40 kB
The Ten Commandments.c-src.zip 9 kB

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