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Race-Car Guzzler is my latest and newest creation I didn't think I could get away with Puck-Man Puzzler as a NesDev Compo Entry game as it might still belong to Namco. So I recreated it as a totally new game with a New Theme, New Homemade Graphic's,  and More Levels.  For this game I made a 40kb NROM version and 64kb UNROM version that are both Identical games. Encase one version doesn't fit the rules.

This only has 32 levels out the 64 that Retro Puzzle Maker allows but I figured after 32 levels you would get bored of this game plus I wanted to get this entered into the Compo as soon as I could as I am already Kinda Late. I estimated that it would take about 18 minutes to play through the whole game, but I played through on a speed run in just 14 minutes, so it's a bit short.

All My Games Present and Future will be made available for downloading Free of any Charge or Payment, but If you would like to donate to my Nes Game Making Efforts you can do so here

Install instructions

To use the Rom Images you'll need a Emulator such as Mesen.


Race-Car-Guzzler (40kb NROM).nes
Race-Car-Guzzler (64kb UNROM).nes 64 kB

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